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Your Questions


  • I want to sell my farm

How much is my farm worth ?

  • Our estimates are based both on the market value of the estate, and the repayment capacity of the buyer.
  • Our experienced consultants will be able to quickly make an evaluation of your farm

How do you manage the sale of my farm ?

  • Once your objectives are clear and after the visiting the farm to make an evaluation, we draft a mandate of sale.
  • We then offer it to our buyers and we advertise it in the professional media.

What should I do if I wish to acquire a farm ?         

  • Contact us and tell us about your project: what type of farm are you interested in?  Where are you interested in settling?
  • Then, you will sign a search mandate which will give you priority for a purchase. Some of our farms are actually sold before they can be published on the website!  


  • I have found a buyer for my farm

Could you guide us during the

different steps of the transaction ?

  • Yes certainly. As a specialized consulting firm in farm sales, we frequently intervene at the request of vendors and purchasers.
  • We offer you our expertise in drawing up the memorandum of understanding. 
  • We assist you up to the final sale. And to make sure that there are no unpleasant surprises afterwards, we also assist you in the follow up to the sale. 

In this particular case, why

should you call on Altéor Transaction?

  • Because it’s our job ! We are perfectly familiar with the legal and tax regulations in the land sector.
  • This is the advantage of professional expertise in specialized areas. We meet purchasers and vendors every day, and constantly provide advice in this sector.
  • We regularly meet the bank managers and lawyers you are in contact with,   to ensure that the sale progresses smoothly.